About Me/The Project

 In 2002 I recorded an album of my own songs that had I been collecting in my mind for a number of years. That first album titled, Mended Again, was recorded at Millbrook Sound Studio and "released" in 2003. It was not intended to be available to anyone but me. It is a group of songs that are rock, blues, folk rock, ballads, and a touch of country all mixed together. I was going to put it on a shelf and be able to say, "Well, at least I recorded those songs..." But apparently those songs had other plans. Over the years I learned that I was a singer/songwriter/bandleader, and that music was deeply part of who I am. 

In 2016 I released my 8th Album (as a virtual Album) titled, "There May Be Dogs".  The cover art is by a very talented young artist named Annabelle Wright, my granddaughter. Her original Sticker and Crayon On Construction Paper work (see below) is the graphic image that inspired the title. I believe some of my best songs ever are on this album. Some of them are hard hitting true blue Rock songs:  "Beat The Blues", "One Woman Man", "Hound Dog Runnin'", and "Dead And Gone". There is a power ballad version of my favorite song of mine, "Hurricane In My Heart", originally recorded with The Clawed Frog on our Kaleidoscope album back in '09, and an equally strong power ballad titled "Put Your Head On My Shoulders", (no, not the one by Paul Anka). There are a couple of really meaningful ballads, "Those Days Are Over", and "Happiness Will Be Mine". There is a really catchy Blue-Grassy number titled, "Truck Drivin' Woman", and perhaps one of my strangest songs ever, titled "Chatter Don't Matter" which has the bizarre opening line: "Hannibal and the Romans hated each other's guts, they fought like cats and dogs for years and years." I started making it up in between shoots for The Question Why video a couple of years ago. I like it, and my daughters Katie and Hannah sing background vocals just like they did on The Question Why which also features my son, Jon, on bass. My older son, Justin, plays bass on quite a few of the recordings and has toured with me in Scotland and played with me quite a bit.

So anyway the journey continues and the songs lead the way. I have been very fortunate to have the support of so many excellent musicians and mentors, family members and friends. The only way I can repay the kindness and patience they have shown me is to keep playing out, keep writing songs, and keep on using the music to do good in this world. 
All of this had the initial blessing of my Tibetan Buddhist teacher, the late Lama Norlha Rinpoche, Abbott of Kagyu Thubten Choling monastery right nearby in Dutchess County. He gave the project the title of "Joyful Garden of Melodious Song and Dance". So it is the inner energy and spirit of the songs and the support of my friends, family, and fans who have made this all happen. As I said above, "Those songs had other plans..." Peace, Eric